Outside, with my lover 

Sometimes I wonder

if my feet had never touched the grass

if rubber soles stayed between us

Disconnected from my Mother,

Disconnected from myself.

Sometimes I wonder

Which parts of me would I miss?

If I never clinched the ground

and grasped the earth with pleasure

like a lover, indulging another round

What if I never left that place

Where pollen and dirt were foreign

Vigilantly left outside

Outside of my home,

outside of my life

but I did. I’m here.

laying in grass, legs in gentle, sensual position

No human lover, but here I am, held.

The wind caresses us together

we sway along with pleasure

We feel. We stay.

What would have happened if I never found my way?

I can’t think about that now.

That life is too far away

But I think of all the others.

Staying inside

sterile confines of modern mind.

Quarantine season. Separation. From ourselves and from each other.

Enemies of fellow humans.

Barriers between life and limb.

But I know

Nothing’s more essential than erotic

Nothing’s more erotic than touch.

Not Safety. Not Security. Not if you ask me.

I’d rather stay here.

Caressing the grass.

Teasing the bees.

Swaying with trees.

What do you think?

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