Nuclear family can’t contain or constrain fatherly love

If we shatter the lie that fathers exist only within the structure of nuclear family — if we decolonize family, we open possibilities for responsibility, care, resources, and love. People benefit when community encourages men to father as a verb, rather than restricting it to a noun. There, fathers abound.

An Earthling’s Earth Day Prayer 

Who are we if not Earthlings? I don't want Mars. I don't want ever-present WiFi. I want Earth to remain untamed, out of our control. We’ve proven ourselves unworthy stewards for now -- we don’t get to expand this unsustainable domain. 

It may be an unpopular opinion, but I hope Earth always checks us before we change her for good. Like a loving but stern mother, it is my belief she will.

Let’s trade. Millennials’ student loan debt for Baby Boomers’ social security

On the same day Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren announced her plan to eliminate student loan debt and make college free, the social security administration released its annual report announcing the high probability that social security will be insolvent by 2035, barring a rare and significant display of problem-solving by Congress. At first blush, these two … Continue reading Let’s trade. Millennials’ student loan debt for Baby Boomers’ social security

The Weight

When things are better, when I’m in flow, when I am outside often, when I'm creating, sharing, connecting – it’s much easier for food not to be the thing I look forward to, which makes controlling my bodyweight easier. That cycle isn’t unique to me. We all go through ebbs and flows of feeling uninspired, feeling stuck -- it’s completely normal. The added pressure of fearing the accompanying physical weight is what makes the ebbs of life feel harder.

More On Hair

Straight hair signals a closer proximity to whiteness, and I wonder, is that playing the game, or is it selling out? I suspect it comes down to how I use it and how I internalize it. If I know who I am, and that I am just playing with dead follicles on top of my head, am I selling out? I don’t know the answer.