Can’t take me away from me

I belong to no one but myself. I come from strong lines, I come from hard truths, but at the end of the day, my spirit is new -- uniquely my own, and my primary responsibility is to cultivate my soul... It’s how I give myself permission to listen to the ancestors who pull me toward them.

What Biden should have said to Trump

Last Tuesday, Donald Trump and Joe Biden had their first presidential debate. I went through a wide range of emotions during and after, from exasperation to amusement. I've spent the last week thinking about the subtle things I missed, thanks to the distracting embarrassment that was the current president’s behavior. I've come to realize that … Continue reading What Biden should have said to Trump

Racism Fuels Wildfire

This post originally appeared at California is burning out of control, in part, because of racism toward indigenous people and practices. We can’t afford to continue this way.  At the beginning of the month, the Trump Administration issued a memo to stop diversity training for federal agencies; the Administration called lessons about America’s history of racism … Continue reading Racism Fuels Wildfire

An Earthling’s Earth Day Prayer 

Who are we if not Earthlings? I don't want Mars. I don't want ever-present WiFi. I want Earth to remain untamed, out of our control. We’ve proven ourselves unworthy stewards for now -- we don’t get to expand this unsustainable domain. 

It may be an unpopular opinion, but I hope Earth always checks us before we change her for good. Like a loving but stern mother, it is my belief she will.