Nuclear family can’t contain or constrain fatherly love

If we shatter the lie that fathers exist only within the structure of nuclear family — if we decolonize family, we open possibilities for responsibility, care, resources, and love. People benefit when community encourages men to father as a verb, rather than restricting it to a noun. There, fathers abound.

An Earthling’s Earth Day Prayer 

Who are we if not Earthlings? I don't want Mars. I don't want ever-present WiFi. I want Earth to remain untamed, out of our control. We’ve proven ourselves unworthy stewards for now -- we don’t get to expand this unsustainable domain. 

It may be an unpopular opinion, but I hope Earth always checks us before we change her for good. Like a loving but stern mother, it is my belief she will.

The Weight

When things are better, when I’m in flow, when I am outside often, when I'm creating, sharing, connecting – it’s much easier for food not to be the thing I look forward to, which makes controlling my bodyweight easier. That cycle isn’t unique to me. We all go through ebbs and flows of feeling uninspired, feeling stuck -- it’s completely normal. The added pressure of fearing the accompanying physical weight is what makes the ebbs of life feel harder.

More On Hair

Straight hair signals a closer proximity to whiteness, and I wonder, is that playing the game, or is it selling out? I suspect it comes down to how I use it and how I internalize it. If I know who I am, and that I am just playing with dead follicles on top of my head, am I selling out? I don’t know the answer.

A Part Remains in Calaveras

Leaving Calaveras is never easy for me, but as I drove away that night, with the hills in my rearview and the moon guiding me with her light, I couldn’t help but beam with tremendous gratitude, both for my connection to such a beautiful place, and to the people who enrich that beauty with a combination of valuable skills and intuitive humanity.

Young, Gifted, and Black? Prepare to Fight for Your Education

When I moved from California to Texas at age four, I was reading full books and writing at a 1st- grade level. After being iced out of one upscale community that wasn’t keen on having a single black mother as a neighbor, my mom moved us into a different district, specifically for its public schools. … Continue reading Young, Gifted, and Black? Prepare to Fight for Your Education