The Millennial Minority

This is a post I wrote for the Huffington Post almost two years ago, and I still feel that many of the sentiments are relevant, so I'm re-posting here today. GO MILLENNIALS!  Much has been said about Joel Stein's Time piece in which he declares the current generation of young adults the "Me, Me, Me Generation." As … Continue reading The Millennial Minority

Into The Woods

I was the kind of kid who was too introspective for my own good. A movie that captured my imagination had the ability to make me retreat so deep into my mind that I sometimes didn't speak for hours. In the case of Anastasia I barely spoke for days. There is a special place for … Continue reading Into The Woods

No Legitimacy, No Justice, No Justice, No Peace

The Department of Justice released its report on the Ferguson Police department today. One result is that Darren Wilson, the officer who fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown, will not face federal charges. The other result is the release of a slew of emails which prove the following: 1. Some Ferguson officials are verifiably, unequivocally, without … Continue reading No Legitimacy, No Justice, No Justice, No Peace