This Bad Week In News: Are People Created Equal?

Too many bad things happened this week. Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine, Israel began a ground mission in Gaza, and children at the southern border of the United States continue to live warehouse-style while politics stifle any resolution. Meanwhile the conversations in the news (from my western POV) reek of the distinct language of dehumanization. … Continue reading This Bad Week In News: Are People Created Equal?

The Selfishness of “Caring”

I've always cared about what is going on in this country, almost impulsively. Yes, it is my home, yes I am an American, but I tend to care about many issues and people that, if I'm honest, don't directly affect me. I am also a very logical person. I tend to deconstruct things down to their … Continue reading The Selfishness of “Caring”