Things We Take Down: Thoughts on Charleston & Burned Black Churches

Courtney McKinney:

The best Independence Day reflection you can possibly read.

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The confederate flag a few weeks ago, much like homophobia a few years ago, has fallen out of favor with a broader American public that practically never interacts with the subject at hand. In an awkward, “oh, that’s what we’re supposed to do now?” moment, people, politicians, and TV talk show hosts have jumped on board the train to get rid of the confederate flag in Southern states.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a confederate flag in person. I didn’t even know some Southern governments were allowed to fly the flag. But if it’s important to my friends of color, then I can jump on the train. I will never experience what they experience regarding that flag, so I submit to their expertise and preferences.

It’s not that I’m a particular fan of the confederate flag. My students and I go through what it means each…

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